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Dear all,

I am currently working on a manuscript that relies on an agent-based model
simulation. To simulate different network structures I am using the
algorithm proposed by Watts and Strogatz (1998) as implemented in the igraph
package in R (function:

In order to position the manuscript correctly, I would need to show that a
Watts-Strogatz model
(a) can be used as an approximation of a real life network and
(b) has previously been used successfully in agent-based models.

I'm therefore looking for references that
(a) either assess the fit of a Watts-Strogatz model based on real-life
network data (and show it fits well) and/ or
(b) have used a Watts-Strogatz model for some agent-based model simulation.

If you know of any references that fit into these two categories, I would
love to hear about them!

Thanks very much for your help in advance,


Watts, Duncan J. and Steven H. Strogatz (1998), "Collective dynamics of
small-world networks," Nature, 393 (6684), 440 - 42

Michael Haenlein
Professor of Marketing
ESCP Europe
Paris, France

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