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Hello, Socnet.

I'm looking for advice on dealing with Privacy Certificates.

The National Institute of Justice requires a Privacy Certificate for
research that says, in part:

Private persons from whom identifiable data are obtained or collected will
be advised either orally or in writing that the data will only be used for
research and statistical purposes and that compliance with requests for
information is not mandatory. That is, participation in the research is
voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time. *If the notification requirement
is to be waived, an explanation must be contained within the Privacy

It would seem to me, then, that if you were using, say, constructing a
social network from Twitter data, you would be obliged to contact every
Twitter user with identifiable information in the network you extracted to
advise them that they could opt out of your research.  Additionally, if they
MENTION another private individual, you would have to contact them, too.

Am I reading this correctly?

Any suggestions or resources I could consult on dealing with this kind of

I am a researcher at a small, private research company that does social
media research, usually via government grants.


Brian Ulicny

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