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Herebelow is an announcement for an upcoming workshop in Paris on visualizing/appraising science dynamics, including a data challenge -- don't hesitate to redistribute widely...


International Workshop: 
Mining the Digital Traces of Science (MDTS11) -- Towards interactive visualization of science dynamics Paris March 23-24 2011

& Collaborative Data Challenge
Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France

The recent ICT revolution has given birth to a parallel world of digital traces.  This change affects a wide number of contexts of collaborative knowledge creation, from casual discussions, political arguments, to scientific elaboration and participative decision-making.

Science has been the first domain to experiment this shift to a "stigmergic" society.  No need to recall the ongoing and already old history related to the construction and use of scientific publication databases.  A whole community of practice including scholars, decision-makers and possibly any concerned citizen has been able to get an insight into current scientific research.  Applications aiming at providing high-level information on these repositories and their dynamics are often comparable to (sophisticated) query-based search engines.  Such a prospect might however underuse the amazing richness that these datasets are bearing.  The current challenge lies in designing and developing innovative tools to access this knowledge, in order to empower users with new methods of navigation, interaction and data visualization for this kind of databases.

Invited speakers include: 
- Luis Bettencourt, 
- Andrea Bonaccorsi, 
- Chaomei Chen, 
- David Chavalarias, 
- Jean-Philippe Cointet, 
- Pablo Jensen, 
- Bruno Latour, 
- Marco Quaggiotto, 
- Ismael Rafols, 
- Martin Rosvall, 
- André Skupin,
- Angela Zoss

Registration is free but mandatory at , where more information about the program of the workshop can be found.

-- Associated MDTS11 Collaborative Data Challenge on March 22 and on March 25

The MDTS11 workshop is sponsoring a data challenge. The challenge is based on a dataset provided by Thomson ISI Web of Science with a focus on embryology and embryonic science from 1956 to 2010. We invite you to download the dataset, explore it, learn something interesting about it, and submit a contribution about it on the MDRS11 webpage ( The workshop itself will feature presentations by authors on March 25, as well as a broader discussion of data issues and science mapping issues. The deadline to participate in the data challenge itself is on March 23.

Applicants are also invited to share pre-processing of the data on the workshop website from now on until the submission deadline. Pre-processing and contribution submissions are independent. Applicants need not submit to the challenge to be eligible for the best preprocessing.
There will therefore be an earlier collaborative working session, on March 22, to first collaboratively draft a collective paper focused on pre-processing results only.


	• 400€ for the best pre-processing (NLP, SNA, dataviz, etc.),
	• 600€ for the best contribution and first author position for the collective paper of the workshop.

The best contributions will be gathered in a collective paper for which first author will be the winner of the data challenge.

A PDF version of this call as well a tentative program is available here:

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