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The D-NET team is launching an experimentation on Facebook :

We are working on a way to automatically generate groups of friends, using only the information on “who knows who” (i.e. only topological features of the network) within your Facebook friends. By analyzing your Facebook connections, we are going to present you with several groups and would like to know if those make sense to you. This will allow us to evaluate the pertinence of our algorithm. You will also be able to create instantly corresponding Friend Lists on Facebook, and therefore have a better control on the diffusion of your publications.

Do not hesitate to participate and to forward the Fellows experiment.

Thanks in advance

Adrien Friggeri

The DNET[1] team from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon[2] conducts theoretical and experimental research on social networks in order to gain a better understanding of their structure and the dynamics of information diffusion on such networks. The DNET team is affiliated to CNRS[3] and INRIA[4].


Adrien Friggeri

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