Ginny - rationalisation is a big factor in some cases. I once worked for a
financial services company owned by an aggressive venture capitalist. When I
came on board they'd taken over a fistful of little companies, so I
inherited 18 different accounts with 9 storage companies. Great for
bargaining - I knew how they all charged, inlcuding different city branches
of the same big company. Rationalising accounts lead to economies of scale,
more clout with the vendor, smoother processes in house, fewer invoices to
put htrough the blasted approvals processes, etc. And lots of boxes
destroyed as part of each transition.

After lots of bargaining on transfer costs etc, I got it all down to 6
accounts with 4 companies, and then the owner took over another swag of
little companies, so round we went again - and then the owner sold the whole
company to a very much larger one, and all us back office managers got the
flick. that's life!


Glenn Sanders
0407 187 333
These views are mine alone. They may or may not be those of any
previous or present employers or clients. I don't know. If I'd asked and
they'd agreed, I would have signed it "Harry Peck and Co and Glenn".
Or whatever. But I haven't, so I didn't.

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