Let's see, what can go wrong:

- Current vendor says that they cannot palletize boxes for removal at a
rate faster than 200 per week.  (If you have 500 boxes, this isn't much
of a problem.  But, if you have 100,000 boxes, you'll be doing some
- Current vendor won't provide metadata about boxes in a spreadsheet or
database format (or won't provide it at all).
- Current vendor holds boxes hostage pending a) previously unknown
permout fees, b) payment of alleged old outstanding invoices, c) payment
of unauthorized re-boxing fees.
- Current vendor says they will charge a fee to palletize and wrap boxes
for removal.  (NOTE: Your new vendor may be willing to do this for you
at little or no cost, but only if your current vendor will allow the new
vendor onto the loading dock.)
- Current vendor will "discover" a long list of boxes that were
temporarily removed years ago, and never returned, for which they
nonetheless want permout fees.
- New vendor starts invoicing you for services before they've received a
single box.
- New vendor's invoices include charges not agreed to in your contract
(or, they may have been hidden in the contract and you didn't catch

That's just what I could come up with in 10 minutes.

Good luck!

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