No. Your assumption is wrong, or at least should be, if you ever hope to
actually have a working program, as opposed to a nice idea on paper.
Your first step should be to write out the implementation plan as you
were requested to do.  That should include a full blown Plan that would
bore any human not in records management to death, and a one page
"executive summary" with all the stuff you will be asking others to do
(which is why the Boss wants to see a plan first, he/she wants to know
what is going to be expected of others). You have to do this yourself as
an original work, because no one is going to have an implementation plan
that is going to look like yours. Each facility/company/school is
different, and so are their cultures, which you must consider in your

Now once you have your plan written, you are going to have to set a
meeting with each department head and get them to appoint a Records
Liaison whose part time "job" will be to coordinate their department's
efforts to comply with The Plan. These are your staff. They do not work
for you, they work with you. You can not expect, nor can anyone else,
that you can run a plan across the size of your organization by

They will do the records surveys, inventories, hands on training of
departmental staff (after you train the trainer), etc.  Delegation of
duties and buy in by a staff ember in each department will make your
Plan a success, anything less and it will fail given the constraints
that have been placed on you.

Concentrate on what is possible in your organization, not what would be
an ideal system. Don't get too bogged down with the small details, which
is what you seem to be doing. Keep the big picture in mind. You work for
an organization, that organization has resources, which are free to you.
Use them. You can not hire staff. So what. Every other department
manager can hire staff. If the duties of records liaison require them to
hire someone part time for their department, that's their decision. 

Hope this helps,

Good Luck.

Bill Creamer
Records Manager
NY, NY 10019
(212) 728-3448
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Subject: [RM] Records Management Implementation Plan

So finally, after three years (!) of drafting a blanket records
management policy our General Counsel's office approved it to go before
our President's Council for final approval and low and behold, it was
approved.  So what's the catch?  Well, the outcome of the meeting was
that although the policy establishes a Records Committee to implement
and make changes to the policy, the President requested that before we
do anything we draft a written implementation policy that explains how
we plan to implement the policy across the college.  Through talking
with people (archivists and records managers) and looking at all sorts
of publications, websites, etc. I've never seen or heard anyone mention
doing a written implementation policy.  Of course, that doesn't mean I
get out of it but is there anyone out there who has ever written an
implementation policy?  I have plenty of information on how to start a
program and what I need but I'm wondering how much of that really needs
to go into this document.

Since I haven't posted in a while let me restate my situation. I am a
"lone arranger" trained as an archivist, not a records manager at a
small college with zero staff (other than a guy I "borrow" to move boxes
for me when I can't).  I worked with our General Counsel's office to
draft the policy that was just approved and under the policy I am
supposed to be the advisor to the departments across campus.  This means
(at least I'm assuming since I'm sure none of our VPs will be doing
this) that I will be doing all of the records surveys, inventories,
training, and writing the schedules for each department on top of the
many duties I perform in the course of my regular archival duties.  That
being said, at this point, I've been told I will not get any additional
staff nor is there money to hire a consultant (although I've been
pleading my case for both!)

Any help on this front is very much appreciated!

Christina J. Zamon
Head of Archives & Special Collections
Emerson College
(617) 824-8679


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