Hi Christina,

While you have already received wonderful advice about this, I would add
that, if you actually live in this organization, I would start with
outcomes first and work backwards in your theoretical implementation
plan.  I advise the same when talking to people about software packages.
An example of this is that if you need a given report to be possible as
a result from a software package, you need to know whether it is built
in, can be configured in-house, or will need tweaking by the vendor, or
is in fact, not possible given the architecture of the program before
you select, purchase, or deploy it. Further than that, you actually need
to be able to identify that you need that specific report showing that
specific information.  Start by asking what outcomes are absolutely
needed in each segment of the organization. That way you can identify
baselines, parts that may already be in place (in some form), and so on.

If you ask, "What parts of the organization will be participating"
(presumably all), and then what will each part A) get out of their
participation (desired product) B) what will the organization as a whole
get out of their specific participation (again, product)-(for example,
State or Federal Audit may be enhanced by specific parts of the
organization, but Safety Management may be enhanced more by others if
they implement records management at any given level) and finally, C)
what will be required of them in order to get there. Will any parts of
the organization have to work together to get to product in A or B? This
really helps to identify the links in the chain of what needs to happen
first, and what shortcuts, workarounds or alternative routes might be
possible if there is a roadblock.  

Two pennies worth based on lots of digging in trenches.

A.S.Elizabeth Fairfax, MA, CA
Island County Records and Information Management Program
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So finally, after three years (!) of drafting a blanket records
management policy our General Counsel's office approved it to go before
our President's Council for final approval and low and behold, it was
approved.  So what's the catch ...

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