That would be great!  I've been looking into rooting again lately.  The "game" seems to have changed since my first go-around with the G1.  These days the process seems to have been greatly simplified.  For example, the "z4root" application from xda-developers (which I believe is also in the market).  For supported phones, it appears to be a one-step process for either temporary or permanent root!

I haven't tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S 4G yet, but I might be giving this a shot soon.  Must figure out first how to back up and restore the existing image...


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On 03/14/2011 09:09 AM, Lievertz, Andrew wrote:
> Hello Android List!
> Just checking in--sporting a Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Tmobile) - a refresh
> of the Galaxy S Vibrant.
> I was going to hold out for the Galaxy S 2 (which Samsung just released
> for only AT&T), but decided the GS4G met my needs; and I was severely
> overdue for an upgrade of my G1!
> I gained a fair bit of Android experience with that G1 in the realms of
> rooting and flashing of custom ROMs (primary Cyanogenmod) and am happy
> to discuss if there is any interest.
> Cheers!
> Andy

Hey Andy & list,

I've heard a number of folks ask to even just watch someone rooting one 
of the new Android phones. If any of you happen to be rooting any in the 
near future, we should make a lunch event or youtube video out of it :)

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