This Thursday night is our GatorRadio net on our 149.91 MHz repeater, and
Satellite night at W4DFU.  Join the GatorRadio net at 7pm on the W4DFU
repeater. You can come to the station, use your handheld radio on the W4DFU
repeater or just echolink in to our repeater using your computer or
smartphone to you can be involved from anywhere!  Net control
is alum Nigel Ricards from Boca Raton, FL, KB4F. Starting at 7:30pm we'll
bring up the AMSAT net.

I will be operating from my home station in Hawthorne, AA4FL. We have four
passes satellite passes to work (list follows) and a group will be at W4DFU
trying to work me, and others, on the birds. We will coordinate our efforts
and I'll answer satellite questions on our W4DFU repeater so you can listen
to all the action or come over to the station and check it out! The 7:50pm
pass of SO-50 is the best pass. We will move over to HAMSAT at the end of
that pass as theirs goes until 8:09pm.  AO-7 may work at 8:15pm (tricky
fun), and our last pass is HAMSAT at 9:34pm.  Note that HAMSAT is an Indian
satellite so thank you to India!

                  SO-50           AOS:LOS 00:50 01:04    max el:71  

         HAMSAT (VO-52)  AOS:LOS 00:58 01:09    max el:25  

         AO-07           AOS:LOS 01:15 01:29    max el:08  

         HAMSAT (VO-52)  AOS:LOS 02:34 02:45    max el:20  

I am looking forward to hearing you Thursday night!

Dr. Jay



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