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I have to second John's remarks about Mark's book. 
I teach a class here on Complex Networks and for the first time I'm finding that my students can make progress
without getting stuck on the Math (for the ones who need a little more time). 

On Mar 28, 2011, at 9:53 AM, John McCreery wrote:

> Mark,
> Thank you very much. Allow me to put in a plug for your book. Even for a latecomer (independent scholar, anthropologist, age 67) to network analysis learning or relearning the necessary math as he goes along, it is admirably clear and easy to follow. I also have the new Jackson and Easley and Kleinberg books. Both are also excellent books, but the former in particular seems to me to rush the mathematical fences a bit too quickly for someone who doesn't know the math well before he begins to read it. You seem to me to have struck just the right balance.

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