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Please consider sending an abstract to this event by March 31. The event is co-located at NetSci 2011 in Budapest, Hungary, on June 6th 2011.




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Circuits of Profit: Business Network Research Conference
Central European University
Budapest (Hungary), June 6th 2011

Recently there have been many studies on the different business applications of social network analysis. However, due to the lack of relevant information companies still have misconceptions about the power of network analysis and only a few of them have realized the business opportunities behind it. The aim of this international conference is to bring together applied network researchers and practitioners (marketing, HR, business consultants, management, sales, PR, training & development, etc.) to discuss experiences in applying network science to problems in the financial, telecom and pharmaceutical sectors as well as areas including organizational development, political lobbying, and social media. We welcome speakers and participants from all around the world, with various professional backgrounds and being at various career stages. By presenting case studies we would like to inspire companies in adopting network analysis methods for increasing the performance in their organization.

The case studies should address the following questions:
• What was the business aim?
• What were the challenges, difficulties faced during applying SNA methodology?
• What were the solutions to these challenges?
• What was the result of the SNA application?
• What were the SNA methods and technologies that have been applied?
• What were the research findings and scientific implications after the application?

We encourage joint presentations by managers from companies who have already used SNA methods for business purposes and consultants and researchers who helped them during the project.

Fields of interest:
• Financial networks: risk management, fraud detection, cross selling
• Telecom networks: churn modelling, innovation diffusion, product/service recommendation
• Pharma Key Opinion Leader Mapping: Identifying and managing key opinion leaders in professional networks of physicians
• Social Media Monitoring and Management: community mapping, opinion leader identification, campaigns
• Organizational Development: knowledge management, team efficiency, change management, training & development
• Politics/Lobbying: mapping and measuring stakeholder networks, key supporters, coalition partners, and trusted peers who influence decision makers
• Design through SNA: strategies for designing and managing networks (employees, departments, customers, stakeholders)
• Relational data management in organizations: data collection, privacy issues, ethical issues
• Diffusion of SNA use in the business world: how to foster the diffusion of SNA in business, what is the role of researchers, developers, and Business Schools

Keynote Speaker:
• Albert-László Barabási (Northeastern University)

Invited Speakers:
• Harald Katzmair (FAS Research)
• Valdis Krebs (Founder, and Chief Scientist, Orgnet)
• Hamid Benbrahim (Vice President, Applied Complexity Research, Fidelity, USA)
• Alberto Calero (Director CEO Office, France Telecom Spain)

Authors of the most interesting abstracts will be requested to write a paper to be submitted to relevant journals (to be defined) for a fast reviewing process.

All submitting authors must provide basic information regarding current professional positions and affiliations as a condition of acceptance and publication. The abstracts should be 500-1000 words. Deadline: March 31, 2011
Abstract submission:

Abstracts will be assessed using the following criteria:
• Originality of the approach
• Significance of the results presented
• Business relevance

• Maven 7
• Center for Network Science at Central European University










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