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Dear all,

I'm looking for and algorithm to count the number of realizations of a 
particular triad type (; more formally, I need to count 
labeled triads isomorphic to a given unlabeled one.

As an example, for triad 012 there are six realizations of the asymmetric dyad 
and for triad 102 there are three realizations of the mutual dyad. Number of 
realizations of the remaining triads are easily counted with the pencil & paper 
approach. The table below reports number of realizations for each particular 
triad type (

003 (1)
012 (6)
102 (3)
021D (3)
021U (3)
021C (6)
111D (6)
111U (6)
030T (6)
030C (2)
201 (3)
120D (3)
120U (3)
120C (6)
210 (6)
300 (1)

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated,


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