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Dear Members of the SocNet List,

I am looking for any papers that have computed* correlations or
regressions*of popular
*centrality network measures* like closeness, degree, eigenvector or
betweeness and the *actual transmission of information*.

So for example I might have

a) a network of friendships of peole and additionally
b) I might have a network that has an arc if a person has forwarded
information from a person.

If I compute a network regression of the actors degree in the friendship
network and the number of how often his information was forwarded I can see
how useful the centrality measures actually are in predicting future
information diffusion for an actor.

I have tried that a couple of times on online friendship networks and the
regression usually ends up having an explanation from common centrality
measures are around 30%. I am wondering if there are similar attempts out
there in order to compare my values and my approach?

I think this question is highly relevant because it actually asks if the
centrality measures we use every day to highlight certain actors in
information diffusion are really usefull.

I can also think of computing different measures for brokers between two
communities and the actual transmission or strong ties and their influence
on the actual transmission.

Best Regards
Thomas Plotkowiak

Thomas Plotkowiak
Research Assistant
MCM Institute
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Tel +41 71 224 27 47

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