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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend articles that discuss bias or misperception in an
individual's ability to describe his or her own network? I'm working on an
article that argues for for combining network surveys/interviews with
analysis performed using logs of online behavior in order to get a more
accurate overall picture of what's happening at a network level, and I could
use more examples of previous work where respondents had difficulty
accurately describing their networks, their positions in their networks,
etc. I've been referencing Casciaro, Carley & Krakhardt's "Positive
Affectivity and Accuracy in Social Network Perception" and Casciaro's
"Seeing Things Clearly" articles pretty heavily so far. Are there any other
similar references I could use? Bonus points for articles that discuss
friendship and/or online networks in particular, but anything on bias or
misperception would be useful.

Thanks for your help!


Brooke Foucault Welles
Northwestern University
Media, Technology and Society
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