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Hi all,

Piggy-backing on the current thread on network (mis)perception, I wanted to
ask whether anyone can recommend literature that addresses third-party
perceptions of social networks.  By "third-party" I mean observers of the
social network of interest who themselves do not have stakes in the network.
 So an example might be the public's perceptions of the organizational
relationships amongst stakeholders in a public policy network, advocacy
network or "issue network".

I've come across one or two pieces on third-party perceptions of romantic
relationships and another piece by Simpson, Markovsky, and Steketee (in
press), which takes an experimental approach to evaluating the role that
power plays in perceptual accuracy amongst subjects who are considered
"third-parties" to the social network.  Other than that, however, I'm coming
up empty. It could be that I'm not using the right keywords.  So any
suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance!


Lindsay Young
Doctoral Student
Northwestern University
Communication Studies
Media, Technology & Society Program

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