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Again, social network papers particularly encouraged.  /Caroline

HICSS 45: Social Networking and Communities (in the Internet and the Digital 
Economy track)

HICSS - 45
January 4-7, 2012
Grand Wailea, Maui

Paper Deadline June 15, 2011

Social Networking and communities

The focus of this minitrack is primarily on social media and their 
interrelations with communities (online and offline) in the context of work, 
personal life, and education. We would like to attract papers that address 
issues of social networking and online communities of practice, inquiry and 
interest; political, social, and gaming communities. Community building and 
community management can be key success factors in the digital economy 
and society, encompassing work, education, social life, and play. Examples of 
the possible interdisciplinary topics of interest in these contexts include, but 
are not limited to the following:

    * Social, political and/or economic impact on social media
    * Communities as sociological phenomenon in the digital economy
    * Community development and community informatics
    * Design, development and user studies of social media
    * Online communities of practice
    * Business models of Second Life
    * E-learning: structures, implementations, and practices
    * Organizational behavior of communities
    * Social network studies and analysis on online communities
    * Peer-to-Peer or mobile services for Virtual Communities
    * Case studies and topologies of Online Communities
    * Theoretical models of virtual worlds
    * Advertising in social networks
    * Preventing predatory behavior
    * Behaviors in online gaming communities
    * Conflicts between real and virtual worlds
    * Diffusion and adoption of social networks
    * Methodologies and development techniques
    * Critical perspectives on social media and local and/or virtual community
    * Disruptive strategies of virtual worlds
    * Online addiction and anti-social behavior
    * Legal and ethical issues of virtual worlds
    * Privacy and security issues


Karine Nahon (Primary Contact)
University of Washington
Email: [log in to unmask]

Caroline Haythornthwaite
University of British Columbia
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Caroline Haythornthwaite
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