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This is to say 'thank you!' to all who have replied to my question
concerning the existence of computer program which count frequencies of
DISTINCT words in text documents. Such programs do exist - I learnt from
your messages - their names are

Wordij, AutoMap, ATLAS.ti, NVivo, CATPAC, MAXQDA

I can't say which is best as I did not try all of them. For me, 'best'
means 'simplest'. A procedure for counting distinct words should be
implemented (it should, but it is not) in any advanced wordprocessor (I
use WordPerfect  and Word) to be available at hand when you are writing
and want to know - to improve your style - which words and how frequently
you use in your document.

My special thanks go to Jana Diesner and Cathleen Carley whose program
AutoMap I used for a didactic purpose - to illustrate with an example my
lecture (within the course of 'Methods of social research) on content

AutoMap is a tool dedicated to Text NETWORK analysis. This encouraged me
to try this progragm (even if for now I have not used this feature).
Jana's kindness, or readinnes to teach a newbie who I am, has also weighed
on my choice.

Best regards

Tad Sozanski

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