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Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to invite you to submit an article to "Social Networks
Analysis and Mining Journal," (SNAM) which provides a rapid forum for the
dissemination of original research articles in all areas of social networks
analysis and mining as interdisciplinary research platform.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal online at

The rapid increase in the interest in social networks has motivated the need
for a more specialized venue with wider spectrum capable of meeting the
needs and expectations of a variety of researchers and readers. Social
Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM) is a multidisciplinary journal to serve
both academia and industry as a main venue for a wide range of researchers
and readers from social sciences, mathematical sciences, medical and
biological sciences and computer science.

SNAM Journal is proud to have an outstanding group of editors who widely and
rigorously cover the multidisciplinary score of the journal. They are known
to be research leaders in the field of social networks analysis and mining.
 Further, SNAM journal is characterized by providing thorough constructive
reviews by experts in the field and by the reduced turn-around time which
allows research results to be disseminated and shared on timely basis. The
target of the editors is to complete the first round of the refereeing
process within about 8  to 10 weeks of submission. Accepted papers go to the
online first list and are immediately made available for access by the
research community.

Social Network Analysis and Mining
Published by Springer

Volume 1 / Number 2 / April 2011:

Article 1: Spectral counting of triangles via element-wise sparsification
and triangle-based link recommendation:    Charalampos E. Tsourakakis,
Petros Drineas, Eirinaios Michelakis, Ioannis Koutis and Christos Faloutsos

Article 2: Communities and hierarchical structures in dynamic social
networks: analysis and visualization:   Frédéric Gilbert, Paolo Simonetto,
Faraz Zaidi, Fabien Jourdan and Romain Bourqui

Article 3: Market basket analysis with networks:   Troy Raeder and Nitesh V.
Article 4: Understanding actor loyalty to event-based groups in affiliation
networks:   Hossam Sharara, Lisa Singh, Lise Getoor and Janet Mann

Article 5: Seeing similarity in the face of difference: enabling comparison
of online production systems:    Claudia Müller-Birn, Benedikt Meuthrath,
Andreas Erber, Sebastian Burkhart and Anne Baumgrass, et al.

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