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Wendy Graham, Ph. D.
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Director UF Water Institute
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From: Brian McGurk [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 9:17 AM
To: 'Lou Motz'; Graham, Wendy D.
Cc: Doug Munch
Subject: internship request

Dr Graham  


 I’m checking with you regarding possibilities for a summer internship with the Groundwater Programs Division here at SJRWMD.  We have a need for someone who is interested in studying groundwater recharge processes and methods for estimating groundwater recharge rates.  We have quite a bit of water level and surface water flow data that could be put to use for such a study.


Our summer internship period is approaching quickly.  Unfortunately, our funding has been cut so that we can only offer unpaid internships.  Below is the information that I sent to our Human Resources staff for their advertisement about the internship.  We can, however, be flexible about the nature of the project. 


An intern is needed to work on a project involving detailed and complex analysis of hydrologic data for model simulation input as part of transient model development to support water supply planning/water resource assessment efforts .  Specific examples of the work include:

-Analysis of water-level time series data to estimate local-scale ground water recharge events

-Analysis of surface water discharge  time series  as part of base-flow estimation and basin-scale  ground water recharge estimation

-Comparison of local and basin-scale ground water recharge estimates with reference to applicability for use as input to regional ground water flow models

Desired skills:  GIS proficiency or experience/training; MS Office; experience with hydrologic data analysis


If you know of a student looking for a research project, please let me know.  







Brian McGurk, P.G.

Supervising Hydrologist, Modeling Section

Ground Water Programs Division

St Johns River Water Management District

386-329-4245 (office)

386-336-2738 (mobile)

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