Next STA5 Escorted "Driving"  Trip Saturday April 16 Reservations required.


Volunteers needed for the May 14th North American Migration Count for Hendry
and Glades Counties.

Enjoy bird watching alone or with a team. For information about STA5 or the
Hendry/Glades NAMC contact:

Margaret England


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STA5  Big "O" Combined list March 23-25, 2011 

Mark your calendar for Big "O" 2012 March 28-31 

Location:     Stormwater Treatment Area 5

Observation date:     3/23/11- 3/25-11 Photo and Bird Watching Trips

Species #192 added to STA5 list 2005-2011: Northern Parula

March 23-25 List at: 

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