One of the organizations I work for (a private foundation in Chicago) is
trying to decide whether (and how) to digitally preserve (or "archive") its
web site.  


The foundation does not take money or handle financial transactions over its
web site.  The web site contains primarily publications, e.g., news
releases, annual reports, newsletters, and the like.


My question is:  What software or procedures do you use to preserve your
organization's web site as it changes over time?  Our web developer has
suggested that we use WGet (a web crawler) to capture our web site as it
appears to the public and then use SubVersion (another software product-used
for version control?) to catalog any aspects of the web site that have
changed.  In this way, we store only the base web site plus incremental
changes, as opposed to storing multiple copies of portions of the web site
that have not changed.


Have any of you done (or attempted) anything similar?  If so, I would love
to hear what you did and how it went.  This is fairly new territory to me,
and any words of advice, warning, or encouragement would be most welcome.


Thank you.




Christine Martin

Contract records manager

Des Plaines, IL 

224-636-2457 (cellular)



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