Tom said < the costs to search the backup tapes in a worst case scenario
could be extreme> and the 'theoretical comfort'  companies might feel by
keeping all tapes for 7 years. I experience both high costs of tape
restoration (and pushback by IT when asked to restore since it's their
resources), as well as  attorney high-comfort level about tapes. The
following ESI bytes (free) interview of December 2009 with Craig Ball and
Index Engines tape restoration vendor shed light on (1) why attorneys
actually like backup tapes, and (2) descreasing costs to restore from tape,
and (3) judges and attorneys are aware of improving technologies and
descreasing costs and so, my conclusion is that the 'inaccessible
sources'/burden argument will not be so compelling anymore. My questions to
you are who out there has purchased this great new technology? Are you
pointing out to the powers in your organization that unless you do start
employing faster cheaper better tape restoration and tape indexing
technology you'll be in trouble as you get ordered more often to restore, or
at least identify, data on tape?

*ESI bytes radio show:*

‘…as far as cost, we get cases or legal teams that are calling us to quote
on what it costs to produce data on backup tapes and they want to hear an
answer of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars and it’s not that
expensive anymore.’ Jim McGann, VP, Index Engines,

ESI Bytes webinar at10:30 of 60 minutes

‘Probably the most important…. development is that there’s been the
emergence of what might be called non-native or virtual restoration of
backup tapes…..You can use deduplication technologies so that you’re
processing only the differentials and very importantly it’s now very easy,
relatively quick and relatively low cost to be able to glance into the
backup tape to generate an index of individual content files and even to
pull out individual files without doing a full blown restoration. And so in
a sense backup tapes have gotten much more like disc. You can go in and you
can search for just the things you need and you can pull them out
selectively which is a dramatic change from where were just a few years

Craig Ball, Esq, ESI Bytes webinar

Maureen Cusack
San Francisco, CA
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