Sadly, if this remains unchallenged it could be followed by headlines of
"coming to a State Near YOU" soon.

I guess my first thoughts (with this referring to DRIVERS being stopped) is
how is this any different than the old demanding you open your trunk or
glovebox, if there is no probable cause to make you do so?

What are you being stopped for and how does it relate to your phone?

Even if you're in a hands-free law State and are pulled over for using your
phone, you are cautioned or cited for that offense... but that doesn't give
them to right to seize and search your phone. I can't think of any
circumstance in a traffic stop where I would be willing to hand over my
phone, and DEFINITELY not provide my PIN- remember what the "P" and "I"
stand for?  

And *IF* your phone is password protected, I don't understand how this
device can access your content without that being provided.  When I plug in
my phone to charge it or sync the contents, it asks for a password if it's
locked.  How can this device bypass that and get right into the content? 

Somehow I don't see this surviving.

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