Voting for new Graduate Council members closes at 11:59 pm tomorrow, Thursday May 5, 2011.

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Subject: Reminder #2: Election of Representatives to the Graduate Council for 2011-2014

Thank you to the graduate faculty who have already cast their votes.  Please remember to vote by May 5. 

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Subject: Reminder: Election of Representatives to the Graduate Council for 2011-2014

Reminder: Voting ends May 5 for election of two representatives to Graduate Council

The four candidates are Andrea Behrman, Robert Westin, Carole Kimberlin, Harry Daniels.

You may access the ballot, review the candidates biosketches, and exit before voting if you want to do further research on the candidates.  You can then re-enter GIMS and cast your ballot.


Subject: Election of Representatives to the Graduate Council for 2011-2014

DATE:	April 21, 2011

TO:	Members of the Graduate Faculty

FROM:	Henry T. Frierson, Associate Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School

RE:	Election of Representatives to the Graduate Council

We are pleased to provide a slate of candidates who have agreed to serve if elected to the Graduate Council.

The Graduate Council is the policy-recommending body for the Graduate Faculty and the Graduate School. It has an important role in determining the direction of graduate education and programs at the University of Florida. There are 13 graduate faculty on the Council.  Twelve members (6 elected by the Graduate Faculty and 6 appointed by the Provost) serve three-year terms, with four members (2 elected and 2 appointed) retiring each year. A representative from the Graduate Coordinators Advisory Council serves for a one-year term.  Additionally, a member from the Graduate Student Council serves for a one-year term.

Please vote for two members who will serve for the 2011-2014 academic years. After the election, the Provost's two appointments typically will cover areas lacking representation.

All Graduate Faculty holding a regular appointment in his/her primary department are eligible to vote.

Voting will be conducted APRIL 21 - May 5, 2011.

You will need your GatorLink ID and GatorLink password to access the electronic ballot, which is in the GIMS system.  

You must use Internet Explorer as the browser.

Here is the link to start the process:

1.	Log into GIMS using Gatorlink authentication
2.	Scroll to bottom of the screen to "Graduate Council Voting"; click Select
3.	You will now see sections: Current Graduate Council Members; Biosketches for the Candidates; and the Graduate Council Election Ballot
4.	Select up to 2 candidates; click Vote
5.	Confirm your vote
Thank you for participating in this election as a member of the graduate faculty.

If you have any questions, please contact [log in to unmask]

The Graduate School
University of Florida