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Dear Socnetters:

I am seeking citations of scholarly articles (or scholarly book chapters) related to the following network-oriented  area of study. I request your assistance in identifying published work, if any. 

Warning: This is not an SNA project, strictly speaking. I think a number of you may find the topic interesting, though. 

In particular, I am looking at the determinants of whether a social network website sets members up for directed versus bidirectional ties. 

Our dependent variable of interest is binary: =0 if site allows free bidirectional ties between members (e.g., facebook), and =1 if site only permits directed ties (one-way only, e.g., Twitter), or if site charges a fee for bidirectional ties. 

Our independent variables of interest are various site attributes (e.g. average time spent on site, size of firm). We are not using network data, but the dependent variable is network-design-related. We want to look at what drives site designers/entrepreneurs to make the choice of directionality of ties. 

Thanks for any citations you can point my way on this. Cites not in the realm of "internet-based social network sites" are fine. We are interested in both theory and empirical work.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

-Bruce Heiman 
Bruce Heiman, Associate Professor
International Business Dept.
San Francisco State University
Visiting Associate Prof., UC Berkeley, Spring 2011

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