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Dear All,

According to my understanding, co-authorship networks lie in the domain of social networks but research mostly relies on bibliometric data to analyze the network. I guess there is dearth of research which consider co-authorship networks as "typical" social networks and hence study some sociological questions in the network. May be this has something to do with defining the boundary of the co-authorship network and hence failure to complement bibliometric data with additional data (survey for e.g.). Hence I'm looking for some research which has studied some sociological phenomenon in co-authorship networks particularly the impact of some moderating variables on the relationship between networks and academic performance. Yes I have seen researchers use control variables but how about moderating variables? Can these control variables be tested for the moderator effect just for the sake of exploring the gap in research or can we use demographic variables as moderating variables?

Hope to get insightful replies from experts.    

Kamal Badar
Doctoral candidate
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