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Dear All,  


New version of NetMiner is released.


NetMiner is a software tool for analysis, visualization and exploration of
network data, since 2001. 

NetMiner 4, the new version is now harnessed with powerful Python-based
script engine. It enables you to easily make a script using automatic
'script generator', and to import such algorithms as Twitter data crawling,
and data mining, etc. from freely available Python libraries. Moreover, It
enables you to compile them into the form of "plug-in" and to share it with


Main features of NetMiner script are as follows:

-       Programmable: By utilizing Python script language, you can implement
a variety of algorithm and functions for your own purposes.

-       Adaptable: easily import external algorithms and integrate them with
NetMiner internal functions. 

-       Shareable: compile your script code into the form of "plug-in" and
share it with any NetMiner users. In the near future, you might find lots of
cool plug-ins made and uploaded by NetMiner users at "NetMiner AppStore". 

-       User-Friendly: WYSIWYG 'script generator' helps you to make script
automatically. You don't need to be afraid that you are a novice in script


More details about NetMiner 4 can be found here: 

[More details about other features of NetMiner 4]


Free evaluation version of NetMiner 4 is available:

[Go to download evaluation version of NetMiner 4
<> ]


Your advice and feedback on NetMiner 4 would be highly appreciated.


Thank you and best regards.


Ghi-Hoon Ghim

CEO & President




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