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Dear List Members,

The European Social Simulation Association has an annual newsletter sent 
out every 2 weeks to its members. It contains news, new publications, 
job offers, call for papers and participations relevant for the 
researchers working in the field of social simulation. Previous issues 
may be accessed at the ESSA site <>.

We created a few web forms that allow everyone to submit information for 
one of the next issues and thus take control over its appearance in the 
newsletter and help us saving time of editing. Do not forget to leave a 
name and email address in the/"Other"/ field when you submit content, so 
we can acknowledge your contribution.

These forms can be accessed at the following links:

    * Call for papers
    * Call for Participation
    * Job Offers
    * Publications
    * News

Thank you very much for your future submissions and help.

Faithfully yours,
Sascha and Richard
ESSA Newsletter Editors

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