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Dear SocNet members,

Thank you very much to everyone who answered my question about SNA  
software that has capacity to show the data by clicking on the node of  
a network map. It seems there are at least 4 applications that have  
such capability, as summarised below:

  -  'NodeXL will do that. You can set the "mouseover" to be any data  
you want (e.g., descriptive stats about a node, or centrality
metrics). You can also make it so that when you click on it you are
taken to a URL. If you download data from YouTube using one of the
importers then it will automatically link to the video if you click on
it. You can also set the nodes to be images, which can be helpful and
fun for data from places with profile images like Twitter..'

- ORA -

-Netminer - In NetMiner, You can check node property information on  
the network map by clicking node. For example, node label, in-degree,  
egonet Size, node attribute values etc.
You can download free version of NetMiner 4 from here:

and visualyzer.

Thanks again to everyone who replied - this list is a fantastic  
knowledge resource.

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