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On 5/15/2011 2:04 PM, Johan Bollen wrote:
> Workshop On Measuring the Impact of e-Science Research (MeSR 2011)
> Monday, 5 December 2011
> Stockholm, Sweden - In Conjunction with 7th IEEE International
> Conference on e-Science
> # MeSR
> In recent years, e-Science and e-Research have grown considerably,
> encompassing large compute resources, massive data sets, diverse multi-
> domain collaborations, and a range of applications from science and
> engineering through to arts, humanities and the social sciences. This
> growth is a result of huge investments of people and money to advance
> science. As the scope of eScience continues to grow a fundamental
> challenge for policy makers is measuring the impact of eScience
> research on various domains to assess returns on investment. The goal
> of this workshop is to explore methods, frameworks and systems, which
> if put in place can provide suitable ways for policy makers to
> measuring investments in large collaborative projects and its impact
> on a variety of applications.
> In this workshop we shall focus on open access regimes that form the
> basis of policy frameworks for allowing use of public sector
> information, and allowing better access to publicly funded research.
> We shall also focus on empirical frameworks that measure science
> investments and correlate it to common scientific outcomes such as,
> publications, patents, blogs, and social networks as well as economic
> outcomes, such as demonstrating the benefits of scientific investments
> to the public. We believe the workshop will provide an excellent venue
> to discuss steps that are currently being taken, and the steps that
> will need to be taken in the future, to better enable us to report and
> measure scientific activities.
> # Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
> - Automated mechanisms for reporting scientific inputs
> - Web-enabled tools for capturing and measuring scientific outcomes
> - Methods that represent information within proposals and scientific
> documents to describe the nature of scientific investments and outcomes
> - Comparative analysis of science investments and non-science
> investment in application areas
> - Unified data infrastructures that enable flow of knowledge
> - Using cloud-computing methods to perform large-scale computational
> scientometrics
> - Using linked data models to connect scientific data to outcomes of
> research
> #Workshop Committee
>     Organizers:
> 	 Tanu Malik, University of Chicago, USA
> 	 Dave Newman, University of California, Irvine, USA
> 	 Ian Foster, University of Chicago&  Argonne National Lab, USA
>     PC members:
> 	 Johan Bollen, Indiana University
> 	 Gully Burns, University of Southern California
> 	 Anne Fitzergerald, Queensland University of Technology
> 	 Lee Giles, Pennsylvania State University
> 	 Julia Lane, National Science Foundation
> 	 Krishna Madhavan, Purdue University
> #Important Dates
> 	 14 July 2011 - submission date
> 	 22 August 2011 - decisions announced
> 	 23 September 2011 - final versions of papers due to IEEE for
> proceedings
> #Submission Instructions
> Authors are invited to submit papers containing unpublished, original
> work (not under review elesewhere) of up to 8 pages of double column
> text using single spaced 10 point size on 8.5 x 11 inch pages, as per
> IEEE 8.5 x 11 manuscript guidelines.
> Templates are available:
> Authors should submit a PDF or PostScript (level 2) file that will
> print on a PostScript printer. Papers conforming to the above
> guidelines can be submitted through the workshop's paper submission
> system:
> It is a requirement that at least one author of each accepted paper
> register and attend the conference.
> # Contact Us: Please contact [log in to unmask]
> ###
> Johan Bollen, Associate Professor
> School of Informatics and Computing
> Center for Complex Networks and System Research
> Indiana University
> [log in to unmask], +1 812 856 1833
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