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> Dear all,
> I'm hoping somebody can point me to a good tool for laying out and
> plotting
> weighted networks.  In my data, every node is connect to every other node,
> albeit with different tie strengths. So, a layout algorithm that doesn't
> take weights into account will just give me a ball of nodes.  Is there a
> library for R or Python that can produce a more meaningful layout from
> such
> data?  Or, in the absence of a library, is there a standalone program?
> (By the way, the total number of nodes in my network under 150.)

  In your case to get a readable picture I would suggest you to use
  a matrix display with ordering of nodes determined by clustering
  or blockmodeling.

  In Pajek you can produce it (in EPS) using
     File/Network/Export matrix to EPS

  In Python or R it is not too difficult to program it (a matrix display)
  by yourself - it should be less than 30 lines of code.

  In R you can also try the functions image or color2D.matplot (from the
  package plotrix). Better displays you can get using ggplot2

  In Python see the matplotlib - for example:
Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, FMF, Department of Mathematics
  Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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