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Dear all,

I am working on a paper that involves calculating centrality measures in UCINet using data on international alliances (from the Correlates of War website). I have calculated both Bonacich and Eigenvector centrality and am noticing that for certain years the measures suddenly become negative, while the absolute values of the measures stay largely the same. For example, from 1979 to 1980 the eigenvector centrality measures for countries flips from positive to negative. My review of the underlying data suggests that this change is not a result of big changes in the system of international alliances (the main change appears to be that Egypt lost many of its alliances to other Arab states because of its peace agreement with Israel). What do the negative values mean for the Eigenvector and Bonacich centrality measures? Am I right in assuming that it is the absolute value of the eigenvector centrality that matters? If I interpret it this way my results make sense. I appreciate any input anyone could give on this.

Best regards,


Erik Cleven
PhD Candidate
Department of Political Science
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

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