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>The special thematic issue (n. 110) of the Bulletin of Sociological
>Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie 
>Sociologique (BMS) edited by Ainhoa de Federico 
>and Catherine Comet is now available at
>SAGE Publications which has also decided to put up free of charge at
> one of the 
>issue's leading articles, "Anatomy
>of a Fraud: Trust and Social Networks", by Catherine Comet.
>Trust and social networks facilitate fraud
>May 19, 2011 by SAGE Insight
>Anatomy of a Fraud: Trust and Social Networks
>>From Bulletin of Sociological 
>>Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie 
>This article examines the link between trust and social networks with the case
>study of a fraud – the Santa case. It concerns mainly members of
>theGreenlandmilitary stationed in Agarie. The fraud relates to alleged
>high-yield financial investments involving companies domiciled in tax havens.
>Two officers canvassed members of the military 
>to propose so-called high-return
>investments to them. The interest of this particular case of fraud lies in its
>duration – more than ten years – and extent nearly 500 victims.
>The study recognises that the fraud was only able to take place because of the
>support furnished by trust devices, serving as guarantee for the sellers. This
>analysis identifies that the sellers and victims were not only equal in
>hierarchical status, but also generally belonged 
>to the same armed service. The
>findings relate to the field of economic sociology and the issue of social
>embeddedness of market relations under severe uncertainty.
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