There is a special issue of Social Networks coming out on this topic.  I'm sure that issue will have the latest and greatest on the topic.  Best of luck on your studies. This is a great field to be in.  I would also recommend that you find a way to go to the next Sunbelt conference.  I found it extremely helpful for my own research...and it is always a good time.


Ian McCulloh, PhD
Visiting Fellow
School of Information Systems
Curtin University

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Subject: [SOCNET] The spatial manifestation of social networks

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Dear Colleagues,

I have been a quiet observing on this list for a while, as I am merely  
starting my PhD, which is, in part, seeking to understand the spatial  
manifestation of social networks (and possible constructs of them -  

I would very much appreciate it if any members of the list could refer  
to me any relevant studies either in:
a) The constructs/categorisation of social networks; or
b) Physical mapping (spatial geography) of social networks.

Thank you in advance.

Peter Robinson
BTP (Hons 1) M.Des.Sci (Comp) G.Dip (Urb Des) MA (Urb Des)

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