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Hello SOCNET community,

I was recently placed in charge of research design to assess the
effectiveness of a network of literacy service providers in increasing
the literacy levels in bounded community in Tucson. I am new to social
network analysis methodology but I'm very interested in its
application in this case (along with more ethnographic and
quantitative approaches). I would begin by mapping the network of
providers then the social networks of community members. I've been
playing around with Gephi and (much less) Cytoscape and Pajek.

I could use some assistance in gathering more references and
resources, especially related to modeling networks in communities,
diffusion of practices, and community change. Currently I am exploring
the works of Douglas White (Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems
+ Research Methods in Social Network Analysis with Freeman and Romney)
and R. Keith Sawyer (on social emergence and complex systems).


Roberto de Roock
Doctoral Candidate in Language, Reading, & Culture
Dept. of Teaching, Learning, & Sociocultural Studies
University of Arizona
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