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Subject: [bms-rc33] Meeting - Networks ­History Lab Annual Conference (22-23 Jun
     , London)

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Networks ­History Lab Annual Conference 2011

Institute of Historical Research
22-23 June 2011

We live in an allegedly uniquely networked age, where technology gives us
unprecedented opportunities to connect and communicate with each other.
Similarly Śnetworksą have become a popular area of historical study and an
even more frequently used historical buzzword.  However, whilst there is a
vibrant variety of scholarship looking at specific historical networks,
little has been done to look at the category as a whole and consider its
uses, and drawbacks, as a historical model. What do networks throughout in
history have in common, and conversely how do they differ between time
periods and locations? Are media or scholarly networks fundamentally unlike
those based on business or family? How can historians investigate, measure
and describe various types of networks?  And, are the changes brought about
by information technology in our own era fundamentally different from those
of the past? History Lab would like to bring together the diverse scholarship
being done on the subject by postgraduate historians and early career
researchers in order to explore these issues.

Some travel bursaries will be available for research students travelling
from the United States. Email [log in to unmask] for full details.

Papers will cover:-

€    Kinship Networks
€    Technological and communication developments
€    Policy networks and political cultures
€    ŚNetwork Theoryą and historical work
€    Immigration, Diaspora and Transnationalism
€    Print culture and Intellectual Networks
€    Empire and Atlantic history
€    Business and trade networks
€    Subcultures and social movements
€    Church history and religious networks

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