Madeleine asked about putting together a Health & Safety Manual.

First, you might want to ask your corporate attorneys to research any legal requirements for the content of your Health & Safety Manual.

Second, an important part of such a manual is a set of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all -- and I mean ALL -- of the materials stocked in each facility covered by the manual. 

The MSDS can be obtained from the product manufacturers and/or distributors. Typically, this documentation is incorporated into an appendix of the manual. 

One of the implicit requirements of collecting the MSDS is you have to have an accurate, up to date, and complete inventory of the materials.

Third, another component of a Health & Safety Manual, which is often legally-required in many if not most jurisdictions, is an Emergency Action Plan.

You should be able to find sample Health & Safety Manuals on the Web. However, if your organisation is part of an industry association, these often have sample Health & Safety Manuals, usually tailored to the industry's specific needs, so start there first.

There's quite a bit more, but this is a start.

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