Dear Water Institute and ACF-interested Folk:

The UF Water Institute has supported efforts on the ACF over the last couple of years. On Friday, July 15, I will be briefing the Apalachicola/Chattahoochee/Flint Stakeholders (ACFS) Executive committee on the various ACF related activities at UF. The ACFS are currently interested in broader links with universities and we would like to share the breadth of the work being done in the basin by UF faculty and students, and to explore possible areas of mutual interest. The hope is that we can broaden connections between ACF stakeholders and UF/UGA/Auburn folk.

I was planning to focus the short Ppt presentation on three primary areas (Research, Education and Extension). My plan is to boil each effort down to one sentence (or so) along with the name and department of the professor, so if you are working in the basin, I hope to hear from you. Please email the information to me directly at [log in to unmask] with a copy to Lisette Staal  at [log in to unmask] . Once we get the info, we will circulate the brief listing so that you might learn of other UF folk working in the ACF that you did not know before. So please send me any info that you wish me to include.


Greg Kiker

Associate Professor

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Dept.

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