ABA 152/ non-ABA 31

ABA Species: 
Black-bellied Whistling Duck 
Canada Goose 
Muscovy Duck 
Wood Duck 
Mottled Duck 
Blue-winged Teal 
Wild Turkey 
Northern Bobwhite 
Pied-billed Grebe 
Cory's Shearwater 
Audubon's Shearwater 
Wilson's Storm Petrel 
Band-rumped Storm Petrel 
Leach's Storm-Petrel 
Red-footed Booby 
Brown Booby 
Northern Gannet 
Brown Pelican 
Double-crested Cormorant 
Magnificent Frigatebird 
Least Bittern 
Great Blue Heron 
Great Egret 
Snowy Egret 
Little Blue Heron 
Tricolored Heron 
Reddish Egret 
Cattle Egret 
Green Heron 
Black-crowned Night Heron 
Yellow-crowned Hight Heron 
White Ibis 
Glossy Ibis 
Roseate Spoonbill 
Wood Stork 
Black Vulture 
Turkey Vulture 
Swallow-tailed Kite 
White-tailed Kite 
Snail Kite 
Bald Eagle 
Cooper's Hawk 
Red-shouldered Hawk 
Red-tailed Hawk 
Clapper Rail 
King Rail 
Purple Gallinule 
Common Moorhen 
American Coot 
Sandhill Crane 
Black-bellied Plover 
Wilson's Plover 
Semipalmated Plover 
Black-necked Stilt 
American Avocet 
Greater Yellowlegs 
Lesser Yellowlegs 
Solitary Sandpiper 
Spotted Sandpiper 
Ruddy Turnstone 
Red Knot 
Semipalmated Sandpiper 
Western Sandpiper 
Least Sandpiper 
White-rumped Sandpiper 
Stilt Sandpiper 
Short-billed Dowitcher 
Long-billed Dowitcher 
Laughing Gull 
Ring-billed Gull 
Herring Gull 
Lesser Black-backed Gull 
Great Black-backed Gull 
Royal Tern 
Sandwich Tern 
Least Tern 
Bridled Tern 
Sooty Tern 
Black Tern 
Black Skimmer 
Rock Dove 
White-crowned Pigeon 
Eurasian Collard Dove 
White-winged Dove 
Mourning Dove 
Common Ground Dove 
Monk Parakeet 
White-winged Parakeet 
Yellow-billed Cuckoo 
Mangrove Cuckoo 
Barn Owl 
Eastern Screech Owl 
Great Horned Owl 
Burrowing Owl 
Barred Owl 
Common Nighthawk 
Chimney Swift 
Belted Kingfisher 
Red-bellied Woodpecker 
Downy Woodpecker 
Northern Flicker 
Pileated Woodpecker 
Great Crested Flycatcher 
Eastern Kingbird 
Gray Kingbird 
Loggerhead Shrike 
White-eyed Vireo 
Black-whiskered Vireo 
Blue Jay 
American Crow 
Fish Crow 
Purple Martin 
Northern Rough-winged Swallow 
Cliff Swallow 
Cave Swallow 
Barn Swallow 
Tufted Titmouse 
Brown-headed Nuthatch 
Carolina Wren 
Red-whiskered Bulbul 
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 
Eastern Bluebird 
Northern Mockingbird 
Brown Thrasher 
European Starling 
Common Myna 
Northern Parula 
Yellow Warbler 
Pine Warbler 
Prairie Warbler 
Common Yellowthroat 
Eastern Towhee 
Seaside Sparrow 
Northern Cardinal 
Red-winged Blackbird 
Eastern Meadowlark 
Common Grackle 
Boat-tailed Grackle 
Shiny Cowbird 
Bronzed Cowbird 
Brown-headed Cowbird 
Spot-breasted Oriole 
House Finch 
House Sparrow 

Non-countable Exotics (one missing): 
Egyptian Goose 
Cackling Goose 
Swan Goose 
Chinese Goose 
Graylag Goose 
Pekin Duck 
Common Peafowl 
American Flamingo 
Purple Swamphen 
Blue-and-yellow Macaw 
White-fronted Parrot 
Orange-winged Parrot 
Lilac-crowned Parrot 
Red-crowned Parrot 
Yellow-crowned Parrot 
Scaly-headed Parrot 
Black-hooded Parakeet 
Green Parakeet 
Mitred Parakeet 
Red-masked Parakeet 
Scarlet-fronted Parakeet 
Crimson-fronted Parakeet 
White-eyed Parakeet 
Yellow-chevroved Parakeet 
Hill Mynah 
Nutmeg Manikin
Blue-Crowned Parakeet
Chestnut-fronted Macaws

Roberto Torres 
Miami-Dade County

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