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> Finally, I don't recall any laws or regulations that would restrict the use
> of all or a portion of the SSN as an identifier in HR or related areas
> (benefits, payroll, etc.).  In many cases, the laws governing reporting
> require its use.
This is an interesting and rather exhaustive look into the practices of
using the SSN or a portion of it for purposes of identification in the
California Higher Education System

The findings, conclusions and path forward seem extremely reasonable as a
means to eliminate the further use of the SSN as an identifier.

But even this FAQ from the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn't clearly state that it is "illegal" to
request or use it, in fact it suggests YOU ASK the requester to provide you
the legal requirement for using it, which I thought was rather odd.

And this 2005 GAO Report lists the Federal and State
laws restricting the use of SSNs at that time, but I wasn't able to locate
any updated version of it.


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