We reported Two Bell's Vireo recently for 16 - 17 July.  After discussion
with a more knowledgeable birder from this List Service we were made aware
of the possibility of  immature Blue-headed Vireo.
We researched  photographs and pictures of immature Blue-headed, White-eyed,
and Bell's Vireos and came to the following conclusions:

We believe we saw a Bell's Vireo on 16 July. It very closely resembled the
"drab adult Arizona" bird on page 345 of Sibley.

We retract the 2nd sighting of Bell's Vireo for 17 July. Though this bird
had almost no discernable white or yellow about the eye, wing bars were
bright and there was a fair amount of yellowish wash on the flanks. We don't
know what this bird was but most probably a White-eyed or Blue-headed Vireo

Today we had another Vireo sighting in the same place but it was not a
repeat of the 16 July bird.

So, in conclusion, we apologize for the precipitous reporting. Perhaps after
the first bird, we sort of had "Bell's on the brain" , if you will. Thanks
to you who contacted us. Come visit. Travis and Karen

Travis & Karen MacClendon
13755 SW Myers Dairy Rd.
Blountstown, Fl 32424
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