Went to St Marks NWR Wednesday. 

On the wildlife sighting list at visitor center was 9 R Spoonbills seen June 28 at Mounds Pool #3.  Then a few listings for later dates for spoonbills at Mounds 3. 

So, having seen very few passerines, etc along the way, and noting the low water levels at most ponds, I went to Mounds 3 and found very low water levels except a small pond in the extreme SE corner of the Pool. 

There I saw ~50 white pelicans in a feeding frenzy, along with 6 R. Spoonbills, many great and snowy egrets, 6 reddish egrets staggering around the group, and at least 2 BN Stilts among other wading birds.  At noon, ~40-50 more white pelicans flew in, and 6 Wood Storks flew overhead. 

Quite a sight. 

On the way out, I saw 2 spotted sandpipers. 

If you go, it's a long walk to that corner of Mounds #3, accessible through the trail that starts at the rest rooms.  It is also accessible by walking the dikes from the Lighthouse Rd, also a long walk.  Check the map. 

Bill Phelan 


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