Date:   15 August 2011

To:     All UF Graduate Students, Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Staff

From:   The UF Graduate School

RE:     2012 Dan David Prize and Scholarship Deadlines: November 30 and March 15

The Dan David Foundation awards three $1,000,000 prizes to qualifying individuals or institutions for unique, profound contributions to humanity on a global scale in selected fields each year, along with 20 $15,000 scholarships to outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral students (10 worldwide, 10 to Tel Aviv University students) in the same fields.

The selected fields for 2012 are:

Past Time Dimension: History/Biography
Present Time Dimension: Plastic Arts
Future Time Dimension: Genome Research

The deadline to submit nominations for prizes is Wednesday, 30 November 2011.

The deadline to apply for scholarships is Thursday, 15 March 2012.

For more information regarding these prizes, scholarships and the nomination/application submission process, please go online to