August 19, 2011

To:	Graduate Deans, Graduate Coordinators, Graduate Staff
From:	Graduate School

RE: 2011-12 Graduate Student Handbook and 2011-12 Graduate Catalog

The 2011-12 Graduate Student Handbook is available at

The 2011-12 Graduate Catalog is now posted at 

We are pleased to announce that we have transitioned the catalog to a content management system for greater flexibility and improved navigation.  The catalog will look slightly different than it has in previous years.

There are two initial changes. The first is a more reliable and robust search mechanism.  

The second change is that the content previously included in "Fields of Instruction" section is now found in the sections called "Programs" and "Colleges and Departments".  We are implementing a standard format for listing degrees, major/s, concentration/s and associated courses.
We look forward to providing you with details about additional features of the content management system over the next several months. 

Thank you.

The Graduate School
University of Florida