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ABSTRACT: David Musick of the DrEd list wrote (paraphrasing): "We are 
working on a project related to 'critical thinking skills' and how 
they might be assessed in medical students.  I am aware of the 
'California Critical Thinking Skills Test series' and the 
'Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal.' I would be interested in 
learning more about similar instruments."

DrEd subscribers suggested the "Health Sciences Reasoning Test," a 
test "developed for use by educators and researchers to assess the 
critical thinking skills of health science professionals and health 
science students," commercially available from "Insight Assessment" 

Among other tests that might be of interest to Musick and others are:

a.  Biologist Anton Lawson's "Classroom Test of Scientific Reasoning" 
(CTSR), a test of "ability to apply aspects of scientific and 
mathematical reasoning to analyze a situation, make a prediction, or 
solve a problem." The CTSR has contributed importantly to physics 
education research, thanks to Coletta, Phillips, & Steinert.

b. The Council for Aid to Education's "Collegiate Learning 
Assessment" (CLA) employed by Arum & Roksa to show (purportedly) that 
U.S. higher education is "Academically Adrift." Arum & Roksa (2011, 
p. 21) wrote: "According to its developers, the CLA was designed to 
access 'core outcomes espoused by all of higher education - critical 
thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving, and writing.' "

I give academic references to all the above tests as well as to 
valuable articles in the critical thinking area:

(1) "Assessing Critical Thinking Skills" [Stein et al. (2003)],

(2) "Responding Responsibly To the Frenzy to Assess Learning in 
Higher Education" [Shavelson & Huang (2003)].

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Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Indiana University
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"What we assess is what we value. We get what we assess,
and if we don't assess it, we won't get it."
            Lauren Resnick [quoted by Grant Wiggins (1990)]

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Wiggins, G. 1990. "The Truth May Make You Free, But the Test May Keep 
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