Dear Listers,
I am writing to get your input.

We are considering adopting Accudemia and the application iaccu, and I  
would like to get the impressions of any of you who have used them.
I've crafted a few questions to which you can reply in an email. If  
you have other comments to share, please do so.

1. How would you rate the reliability of Accudemia for Center  
management and iaccu for tracking attendance? E.g. how much down time  
have you experienced since adopting them?
2. How easy/difficult to use have you found them to be?
3. How responsive has the company been in terms of support calls?

If you prefer, let me know and our tech specialist will give you a  
quick call.
Many thanks,
Dominic (Nic) J. Voge
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Associate Director
McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
328C Frist Campus Center
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

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