Hello colleagues, 

I an looking for information on pay scales for a director of a learning center who also acts as the specialist in disability services at a small private liberal arts college. I have the information from the Chronicle Survey for this past year but cannot access anything from AHEAD, NADE, CRLA, etc. because I am not a current member (I am the supervisor). The Chronicle lists the average salary at $54,000 range is $78K for Doctoral - $54K for Bacc) as Director of a Learning Center at a baccalaureate institution but I think that may be low if it includes disability services. What does your experience tell you? 
I would appreciate your information. Thank you. 


Kathryn W. Sack, Ph.D. 

Assistant Dean for Academic Resources 
Director of the Graduate Program 
Office of the Provost and Dean 
Washington College 
300 Washington Avenue, Chestertown, MD 21620 
410-778-7213, FAX 410-778-7580 
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