Greetings everyone, I"m hoping you can assist me with your thoughts.  

My new boss has told me more than once in the last couple of weeks that we should start to focus our energies on tutoring upper division (eg courses in the major).  

We have never set out to do upper division.  It has always been policy here that we only support General education courses and core requirements.  As a result, we are entirely an undergraduate student tutor supported program.  

So here is my question for the four year university folks out there.....

If your services are NOT part of the academic college or department, but are a campus wide service, and you tutor upper division courses, how do you do that?

Do you use upper division students?  Graduate students?  Professional tutors?  

Do you use generalist tutors, working on the basic study strategies, etc, or do you have content based tutors that work that way.  

Do you work directly with faculty who teach these courses to be sure the tutoring provided is on target?

Do you know what proportion of the tutoring you do is for major courses?  What proportions of funds?

Anything else I should know?  Any advice?  Any suggestions?  Any warnings?  

I'm really at a loss on this.  I never thought we would be at this point, but demographic shifts in the student population have created new issues.  

Please feel free to give me a call or email me privately on the email below.  

Thanks for your help.

Shevawn Eaton, Ph.D.
Director, ACCESS/ESP
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
PH: (815) 753-0581
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FAX: (815) 753-4115

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