Hi Everyone, 
My pal Sonya Armstrong posted about this earlier last week, but I have some different questions.  We are wondering how your institutions support the Basic Skills Tests (i.e. the tests required to enter degree programs at your universities, usually guidelines created by the State).   We are in the middle of a major change in these tests.  The state now requires a certain passing score on each section rather than the entire test.  

Since ours includes Language Arts, Writing Skills, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics, we are struggling with who should be doing the support.  Obviously, no one person can do this, so how is it done where you are?   

Do you do each section as a separate prep course?  If so, who does the support?  

Is it supported by a tutoring/learning center, an academic department, or something else?  

Any thoughts or advice you all have will be greatly appreciated.  


Shevawn Eaton, Ph.D.
Director, ACCESS/ESP
Northern Illinois University
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